We have included some of the common frequently asked questions below.  However please feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions or need more information.  richard@funfitadventure.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do they cost?

Mini Caravan/Camper Price List

You can download the price lists for the Mini Caravans below.  There are two price lists with one containing all the Procamp models (Bushcamp, Escape, Alpha, Wave) and the other the Hero Models (Ranger/Traveller).  Both are PDF files although if you want the excel spreadsheet to calculate prices for you then drop us an email.

FFA Procamp Price List (Bushcamp/Escape/Alpha/Wave)

FFA Hero Camper Price List (Ranger/Traveller)

How do I order a Mini Caravan?

To order a Mini Caravan drop an email to richard@funfitadventure.com.  As the Mini Caravans/Campers are so customisable it’s a good idea to discuss the options and what suits you best before ordering.

Once you have decided on the model/version and any accessories then a 15% deposit will need to be paid to secure your order.  Full payment must be made before delivery.

Payment to be made by bank transfer.

Can I come and see the Mini Caravan?

Yes, we have the Bushcamp, Ranger and Traveller available for viewing by appointment only.  We are located just north of Hexham in Northumberland.  Just email richard@funfitadventure.com and we can organise a time.

Alternatively come along to one of the shows we will be attending or open days where we will have everything setup for viewing.  Have a look at our upcoming events to see if one works for you.

What is the warranty?

Each Procamp Mini Caravan comes with a 2 year warranty and our Hero Campers with a 1 year warranty.  Most repairs will be able to be undertaken by a caravan repair garage close to you.  We will then pay for the repairs directly to the garage.

How long will it take to get my Mini Caravan?

The normal lead time for build is two months and then shipping to our HQ.  Overall you should plan for 3 months however this will vary depending on the factory demands.  Each Mini Caravan is customised to your requirements to ensure you get the exact model that suits you.

Over time we will have display models for purchase in a Fun Fit Adventure specification including common optional accessories.

What are the payment terms?

Once you have decided on the model/version and any accessories then a deposit of 15% will be required to confirm the order.  The full payment will need to be made before delivery.

All payments will need to be made via electronic bank transfer to our business account. We don’t accept debit/credit cards at this point.

Do i need a special driving license?

This will depend upon which model of Mini Caravan/Camper you choose.

The Wave, Alpha, Escape and Bushcamp Mini Caravans are under 750 KG fully laden so you do not require a special license.  

The Hero Campers are above 750 KG so you will need to ensure you have the correct driving licence to tow.

Check out the rule on GOV.uk.. https://www.gov.uk/towing-with-car

What about weight and how much can I carry?

Every model has a different weight as it comes out of the factory including accessories you add to the base model.  You can check the weights in the technical details section within the model pages.

Lets use the Escape as an example.. The total weight is 400KG with a total load carrying capacity of 750KG.  This will give you 350KG of your own gear that can be added to your Mini Caravan.  You need to consider that the more accessories you add then the total weight out of the factory will be greater.

If you have the Bushcamp model with a lot of accessories and are wanting to add more of your own as well as carry enough equipment for long expeditions then there is an option to upgrade the chassis to give you a total laden weight of 1350KG.

Can my vehicle tow the Mini Caravan?

Most vehicles will be able to tow the range of Mini Caravans/Campers but you do need to check for your vehicle.

You will need to check the total towing weight you can have and what the total weight on the tow ball can be.  This can then be checked against the technical details of each Mini Caravan model available on the model pages.

Please make sure that your vehicle is capable of taking a tow bar.  Most vehicles are but some are not so check with the manufacturer.

The standard tow electrics are the European standard 13 pin which you will find in most vehicles.  If you don’t have this we will supply an adapter.

If you are unsure please drop us an email richard@funfitadventure.com