The revolutionary Hero Camper is the perfect place to start your next adventure.  Designed with comfort and ease of use in mind.  Hero provides a cozy place to chill, packed with practical facilities, rugged design and a flexible layout, ideal for a quick getaway.  Hero Campers are made in Denmark and we import them into the UK based on your specification.  We have two models of the Hero Campers to suit different lifestyles.  This is the Traveller model which is a sporty design and includes a bike rack installed on the front of the camper.  The Traveller has lots of features as standard and you can enhance this with the accessories shown in the drop down list below.
Download our 2 page overview of the Hero Campers.. Hero Camper Overview

To see the price list please download at the bottom of this page.  Any questions please email

Hero Traveller Configuration

Standard Equipment - Price £13,868 (includes VAT & Shipping)
  • Knott 1200 KG galvanised chassis with suspension and 1500 KG brakes
  • 15″ wheels
  • Rear support legs
  • Fully insulated cabin rated down to -21 Degrees Celcius. (plus an optional gas/electric heater can be added)
  • High quality mattress (155 X 206 CM)
  • 2 side doors with windows and mosquito nets/curtains
  • 2 side nets/baskets on the doors for storage
  • Thule Roof Window
  • Storage behind the seat rests and in 2 cupboards with a large shelf
  • LED interior lighting in the cabin and in the kitchen
  • Mains power hookup and power sockets inside the cabin and in the kitchen
  • 12/240V outlets behind the cool box cupboard (powered cool box is an optional accessory)
  • 12V sockets (1 socket in cabin, 2 sockets in kitchen)
  • Bike Rack (2 bike carrier)
  • Kitchen with stainless steel worktop, sink and running water using an electric pump
  • Integrated LED rear lights with optional resistor box for vehicles that don’t recognise trailers with LED lights.
  • Ready to install optional kitchen awning
Included with every Hero Camper
  • UK Import (from Denmark) to Fun Fit Adventure HQ, Northumberland (Option to pickup direct from the factory to reduce overall price)
  • Ready for the UK (built and certified to meet UK/European standards).
  • Full walkthrough of features on pickup.
  • 1 year warranty including support from us in the event you have any issues with your camper.
Optional Accessories
  • Spare wheel
  • Roof window
  • Battery package which includes battery and charger
  • Flexible solar panel (150W) installed on camper
  • Powered (12/240V) cool box designed to fit in the kitchen
  • Heating options (Gas/Electric)
  • Roof Top Tent option (Hero Skybox) to provide sleeping for 2 more people
  • Roof Bars
  • Roof Rack
  • Side and kitchen awning options
  • Different colour wraps are available
  • Slide out Internal Bed for a 3rd person
  • Resistor box to ensure the tow vehicle recognises the camper with LED lights
Benefits of a Hero Camper
  • Get close to nature – Hero Campers encourage you to be outdoors, but offer a cozy indoor living area. A perfect combination tor the UK weather.  Cook outside, socialise outside and sleep/relax inside.
  • Minimal easy setup and take down, meaning that even overnight breaks are hassle free.
  • No packing up before you want to head out for the day like a motorhome.
  • Spontaneous – load up, hitch and go in a matter of minutes and be on the road to your favourite campsite.
  • Explore – unlike larger caravans & motorhomes, you can reach more remote areas.
  • Easy towing – Hero Campers are easy to tow, even with small cars. No special driving skills are required & they’re easier to manoeuvre when unhitched.
  • Economical – Aerodynamic shape and low weight means minimal fuel consumption compared to larger caravans.
  • Accessories – Add awnings, tents, roof top tents to create more covered space and sleeping areas.  Talk to us about the range of accessories.
  • Easy storage – They fit inside most garages & smaller gardens, so no storage fees to pay.
Technical Details
Height: 203 cm
Length: 482 cm
Width: 220 cm
Kerb weight: 780 kg
Maximum total weight: 1200 kg
Max. load: 420 kg
Tyres: 195/60 R15 
Water tank: 18 litres
Roof window: Optional
Mattress: Width: 156 cm  Length: 208 cm
Lockable: Yes
Heating: Optional
Electricity: 5V/12/230V, 5V USB charger inside cabin
Roof rack: Optional, Sky Mount. Width: 135 cm / Length: 208 cm

Mini Caravan/Camper Price List

You can download the price lists for the Mini Caravans below.  There are two price lists with one containing all the Procamp models (Bushcamp, Escape, Alpha, Wave) and the other the Hero Models (Ranger/Traveller).  Both are PDF files although if you want the excel spreadsheet to calculate prices for you then drop us an email.

FFA Procamp Price List (Bushcamp/Escape/Alpha/Wave)

FFA Hero Camper Price List (Ranger/Traveller)