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IMG_6155There is lots of choice when it comes to a cookset for camping and the decision comes down a lot to personal preference and how many people you are cooking for.  Over the years I have used many different styles of cooksets/nested billy sets so was excited to try out the offering from Uniflame, available from drifta.com.au.

The Uniflame Medium Cookset weighs in at 2.4kg with a pack size of 215x175mm, is made in Japan and comes with the following:


  • Non-stick frying pan: 210 × 52mm, 2mm aluminium
  • Large pot: 215 × 125mm, volume 4.3l, stainless steel
  • Small pot: 175 × 75mm, volume 1.8L, stainless steel
  • Rice cooker: 165 × 93mm, volume 1.8L, aluminium
  • Colander: 200 × 110mm, stainless steel
  • Storage case: nylon
  • Wooden handle (screws into frying pan)

Check out the video below…

What we like about this cookset is the mix between aluminium non-stick and stainless steel.  We have never had much luck with frying pans that are not non-stick, so this way you can get the bacon and eggs on without having to struggle to clean up after.  The addition of the rice cooker is great and again no sticking in this pan so you can use for many items other than rice.  The pans are all well built with nice traditional handles on the bigger pans and the small having a swing out handle.  The handle for the Frying pan is a wooden handle that screws into the pan and has a rubber cover to store it within the cookset.

The set we are using is the medium which we use for two of us but the large pan is pretty big so can’t see why this would not stretch to a family of four.  The frying pans on all nested sets are still fairly small whichever size you go for, so if cooking for more than two a seperate larger frying pan with this medium set would do the job nicely.

The pictures above show a butterflied lamb being cooked in the Uniflame frying pan on the Drifta Single Burner Kitchen.

The Uniflame cookset is available for purchase from drifta.com.au by clicking here.

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6 thoughts on “Uniflame Cookset Review

  1. Julian Williams says:

    Really enjoying all your reviews guys.

    Just interested in why you opted for the Uniflame cook set over the Snow Peak? Really struggling to decide on the two and keen to hear thoughts from actual users.


    • funfitadventure says:

      Hi Julian, thanks for that. We have both actually so able to compare. We didn’t like the fry pan with the snow Peak set with it not being non stick. The Uniflame has a non stick as well as an aluminium rice cooker which works a treat and doesn’t stick. Other pans are stainless steel and good quality. Overall we much prefer the Uniflame.

  2. Julian Williams says:

    Awesome. Just the kind of real world feedback I was after. Thanks so much.

    Enjoy your travels!!

  3. Tracey says:

    I was wondering if you could please give a review of this item again with the wear and tear of time. Is it still great value for money, does it hold up over time, and is there anything you would recommend to be improved?

    • funfitadventure says:

      Hello …. we have continued to use this product camping. If I was being picky the rice pan lid, isn’t slick to remove.
      The frying pan has remained non – stick and I love the pan sizes, they look new.
      It’s cooked a few curries and no staining
      Love the compact size of it. I would buy again and continue to recommend
      Hope this helps
      Sarah@FFA x

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